Best Fat Burners in India to Choose in 2023

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Note : Fat Burners aren't magic pills that reduce weight over week or month. Fat burners work in parallel to a healthy diet and fitness routine. Fat burners are effective only with a fitness routine and healthy diet. MaxAppeal isn't a medical advisor, please take any supplements after consulting your doctor.

Top Fat Burners in India for 2023 //

Fat burner supplements work by accelerating your resting metabolic rate. The active constituents help get rid of body fat. However, exploration is still demanded on the goods of constituents like caffeine on your heart rate and blood pressure.

The effectiveness, to some extent, is still a big question in the case of fat burner supplements. Though they are generally used for weight loss, there’s not much substantiation that they work.

These supplements claim to block fat or carbohydrate immersion, curb your appetite, or speed up your metabolism. At the same time, some of these supplements can intrude with other specifics you're on. Fat burners work by elevating your blood pressure and amplifying your overall energy expenditure, which may eventually lead to weight loss over time. However, you should take preventives if you formerly have high blood pressure because taking these supplements could lead to hypertension.

Studies have shown that there is no certainty that fat burner supplements might not work the way you want them to. They do not make your fat cells magically vanish. Instead, they can work by helping weight loss in other ways. It includes:

  • Amplifying your metabolism
  • Reducing the fat absorbing quantity of your body.
  • Suppressing your appetite

Pros of Fat Burner:

The speed at which you get your results after using a fat burner is fantastic. Any day, fat burners would give you faster results than traditional means of losing weight. Though it depends upon the metabolism and how well the fat burners suit a particular person, most of the clients of these products are happy with the results.

Secondly, proof of using a fat burner is the ease it offers to the customers. The hard work at the gym on the treadmill may or may not be working for you that well. Hence, fat burners can step up the pace and give you better and more promising results within weeks to get better and faster results. Also, on top of it, these pills are not too expensive as well.

Thirdly, it is the mental and physical boost it gives the user. It tends to make you alert and more focused on whatever they are doing. Also, given their components and blends of all the ingredients used, they tend to keep you more energetic.

Cons of Fat Burner:

Though being great and having many plus points, there's no doubt about the cons of using fat burners. There's no easy way out to losing weight and cutting off the fat; our logical mind knows that pills or fat burners aren’t healthy and pose various side effects to the human body. For this reason, even FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not approved it and issued warnings against the use of fat burners.

Side effects caused by fat burners in customers range from anxiety, loss of sleep, irritability, and palpitations to a fatal heart attack.

The diet pills or the fat burner do their job, but they only offer a temporary fix if you start relying on them. You start gaining weight as soon as you stop consuming the diet pills.

One major drawback is using a fat burner instead of adopting the traditional, much safer, long-term way of losing those extra ounces.

Also, fat burners will not magically burn the fat and cut your weight. Exercise and workout sessions are a must for you to cut down those extra pounds. You have to be active enough for the results to come out good, or hence it's just normal powder or a pill that you take that won't change a thing in your body. However, there might be some slight changes but not too much to rely upon solely.

Also, some ingredients and components of the fat burners might not suit a specific person and may have adverse effects on the health of the person always know what you're taking and how will it act inside your body, and do check out if you have any allergies or intolerance towards any ingredient present in the fat burner you are using.

Side effects of fat burners:

While artificial fat burners can help with almost immediate weight loss, if you discontinue the usage of these, you can gain back this weight just as quickly. These fluctuations in weight can be harmful to your body and interfere with the biological framework of your body. Also, consuming these powders or pills may have some side effects on your body listed below :


Body allergies are well known when it comes to Fat burners. Certain ingredients

used in these pills tend to create allergic reactions in consumers' bodies. Some of the common symptoms of these allergies may include but not be limited to itching, stomach upsets, etc.


Another side effect of consuming fat burners is loss of sleep, also called insomnia. Caffeine, for example, interferes and jeopardizes normal body metabolism. A typical result of this is the lack of sleep for the user. The fat burner ingredient called ephedrine is also known to alter one’s regular sleep patterns. Excessive consumption of these fat burners can lead to interference in the consumer's biological clock, leading to increased levels of fatigue and lack of concentration.

Heart Risk

Many ingredients found in fat burners are harmful to the human heart. Many fat burners have also been discontinued from the market due to their interference with the heart. One such ingredient is sibutramine, which resulted in major heart damage that led to strokes and heart attacks. Another substance called bitter orange showed side effects that can lead to heart attacks which are very dangerously harmful to the human body.

Behavioral Change

A common side effect is also to see mood swings, a rise in anxiety levels, higher blood pressure, and, as discussed earlier, insomnia. Acute changes in behaviour often accompany these pills. One of the areas associated is seen in one’s eating patterns. Their appetite becomes resistant to eating certain foods; all this could bring fluctuations in the nervous systems.

Other Complications

Mental and emotional disturbances can be caused by certain ingredients in these pills, leading to mental health issues. In some instances, people have to deal with problems like an addiction; with these pills behaving like drugs, over-reliance on such products can cause significant damage to the body.

1. MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Fat Burner

When you're on a weight-loss journey, burning fat should be your topmost priority. A good quality fat-burning pill can help you get your healthy lean body in a short period.

MuscleTech delivers you the best solution for concerns related to fat loss in your body. Therefore, this Thermogenic fat burner sits at the top of today's list. Muscletech, one of the most significant healthcare and fitness supplements brands, is quite popular among a desirable audience.

MuscleTech provides one of the very best bodybuilding supplements worldwide, with India being among one of the most important markets for the company.

The Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is but a specimen of their excellence in the market. However, this is the right product for you, If you're looking for a fat burner that boosts you for high-intensity workouts.

The brand claims you can lose up to10.95 lbs in 2 months only on a monitored diet and MuscleTech rapid release capsules. The main ingredients used in the supplement responsible for boosting your metabolism are the Green Tea Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Yohimbe Extract.

While the antioxidants in Green Tea work their magic, you have other sensory enhancing and fat-melting ingredients that help you increase your speed and efficiency during exercises.

The presence of L-Theanine in the supplement improves both physical and mental well-being. All ingredients present in the formula are safe for use for grown-ups, and teenagers or adolescents under 18 years old should avoid using the product entirely.

2. GNC Thermoburst Hardcore (Thermogenic Fat Burner)

This product contains a proprietary Thermogenic mix that helps you burn fat faster with the help of Caffeine, Capsicum Fruit Extract, and Bioperine ®. It also enables you to gain vital nutrients that are important to heal and maintain your joint health and fat loss. Adding vitamin C and some B- Complex vitamins helps your immune system function better.

This product comes with two composites, Thermogenic and Pre-Workout Explosion. These concoctions can help you achieve increased performance and focus during your exercises. It can also be a decent pick for anyone trying to lose some extra kilos without going skin-deep into hardcore muscle training. One of the main constituents in the composition of this product is the Ginger Root Extract, Yerba Mate Extract, and Guarana Seeds Extracts. All three of these composites do an excellent job of slashing down your fat percentage.

One can not expect exceptional results without making sure you follow a nutritious and balanced diet. This product has also shown better outcomes for people who have a healthy diet and exercise routine.

3. CellucorSuper-HD Fat Burner

Whether you want to meet your weight-loss pretensions or looking to lose fat for a bodybuilding extravaganza contest, Cellucor can help you quickly achieve your desire with a quick and effective pill! This fat burner is a blend of sensory and thermogenic constituents that helps you cut down excess fat and improves your overall performance while training. However, this is your answer, If you are looking for quick results on a safe method.

The constituents that make this product the best fit throughout the composition are Yohimbe, Amla, and Green Tea. The introduction of Cayenne helps increase the core temperature of your body and burns fat at a high level. The supplement also contains compounds like Dandelion that soothe you mentally, decreasing stress and cortisol production to a large extent.

It also helps you release retained water and hence helps in fat water reduction, mainly in the abdomen area. Caffeine improves your energy levels and enables you to focus better during cognitive tasks. The supplement also helps in the production of another brain hormone called Dopamine. Rauwolfia root bark extract increases serotonin production in your body. It also aids in your mental health recovery and improves your attention span and overall well-being.

4. Naturyz Lean Cutz Thermogenic Fat Burner

Here's another popular pack of fat burners by Naturyz that's readily available online. The supplement comprises tablets made from the extracts of green tea, caffeine, green coffee, and more components known to break down body fat. Even the supplement brand claims that you would be able to see results in your body only if you take these tablets with the proper diet and do the right kind of exercise every day, so an extensive diet and workout plan is necessary to see great results. So, discuss the dosage with your fitness coach while taking these tablets to burn your body fat.

Most importantly, Naturyz is an Indian brand offering health and personal care products. Although some of their most popular products have only recently been launched, numerous dependable reviews by clients have convinced us that they sell one of the best weight-loss supplements. The product is also incredibly affordable and safe to use for all.

You receive only 12 calories from a single dose of the supplement, and you can take it either once or twice a day. However, it's always recommended to check with your endocrinologist for the frequency and dose. Suppose you have an auto-immune disease like Hypothyroid. Thermogenic & Appetite Suppressants are the two types of fat burners used in this product. These two different types of natures of this weight-management supplement offer increased metabolism and spike in your overall energy levels, making your body withstand that fat loss process and cope quite well.

The product comes with all the favourite ingredients like Green Tea, Cambogia, Black Pepper Extract, and more to help you navigate the challenging and inconsistent journey of losing weight without much effort. Burning calories while lowering cholesterol was never this easy since the supplement also comes with Chromium Picolinate, which helps lower cholesterol levels in the body and is best suitable for people suffering from high cholesterol.

5. Muscleblaze Fat Burner

These fat burner supplements in capsule form by Muscleblaze are made from the extracts of green tea, grape seeds, garcinia Cambogia and Piper Nigrum. Since the capsules ameliorate your metabolism rate, you'll feel energetic and full for a longer time, preventing you from craving unhealthy snacks in between the main meals. These capsules increase your body's fat-burning rate and help you lose weight faster despite following your regular exercise routine. The formula for this MuscleBlaze Fat Burner is based mainly on four constituents. The element that's the most important in this composition is Garcinia Cambogia. MuscleBlaze is one brand that has been consistently and constantly offering some of the best products in India 2023 for bulking up.

The primary constituents in this fat burner are the Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia. The former targets the fat constituted in areas like the abdomen, while the latter is more fixated on restricting the overall fat deposit in your body. Garcinia Cambogia is also famous for reducing Type 2 Diabetes and High Cholesterol levels in people suffering from the same. There are very few brands of fat burners and related supplements that benefit different areas of your body, apart from attacking the accumulation of fat, and this is one of them.

Other constituents in the blend help restrict and reduce fat absorption in our bodies from the food we consume; these include Grape Seed and Piper Nigrum Extract. It can help you maintain the lost weight and not have to restrict your diet by any means. This product is highly recommended for women who actively work out daily and would like to shift to a more strength-based exercise plan from cardio routines.

6. Doctor's Choice Shredz Pro Formula

This fat-burning supplement can be an excellent option to buy online if you prefer consuming fat burners on tablets. These tablets are made from a blend of the extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee bean, black pepper, Cayenne pepper, dandelion, cranberry, and more. So, you get the benefits of an abundance of constituents that will enhance your metabolism and burn your body fat faster. The natural caffeine works as an energy booster in this fat burner supplement to help you feel charged up throughout the day.

7. Himalayan Organics Plant-Based Fat Burner Supplements

This pack of fat-burning supplements can be an excellent option to consider if you wish to consume plant-based capsules to burn your body fat. Being derived from the extracts of plant sources, you need not overthink before buying this pack online as it's very safe and has no side effects on the body. Besides helping you lose weight, these capsules can work as a natural energy booster by assisting you quickly enhancing your metabolism.

It contains natural CLA with extracts of sunflower oil and other essential constituents. The shelf life of the pack is usually 18 months from the date of manufacturing. Conjugated Linoleic Acid, also known as CLA, is a group of essential fatty acids usually found in eggs & dairy products. However, these foods may or may not be able to fulfil the daily requirement of CLA required by your body.

Along with this, the consumption of dairy products often results in fat accumulation which is not what the clients want. Herein comes into play the Himalayan Organics CLA 1000 supplement, which promotes excess fat burning naturally without any imbalance in your body. This supplement provides the optimal amount of CLA required to burn your body fat without side effects.

8. Carbamide Forte Keto Fat Burner

Carbamide Forte has been a popular name in India regarding healthcare fat-burning supplements. This brand of natural weight loss supplements and fat burner can be an affordable option to consider for your fitness goals. This supplement is made from a mix of the extracts of Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee bean, green tea, and guggul to offer you plenty of health benefits when you're on your weight loss journey. Being a good supplement for the keto diet, these tablets can easily be incorporated into all diet plans and workout regimes.

9. HealthVit Keto Fat Burner Capsule

These capsules by HealthVit work on a keto mechanism that burns your body fat and gives energy to your body through other nutritive factors. It provides a significant boost to the rate of metabolism and is a gluten-free and soy-free product allowing it to be taken by almost everyone. When burning down body fat, this supplement generates energy, making it a good source of energy that the body needs.

10. Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen Capsule

These capsules by Muscletech are available in two flavours, and the crucial component in these capsules for stimulating weight loss is green coffee. The capsules give you physical energy and might help add your internal focus by charging up your brain cells. The dosage of these capsules varies from one person to another depending upon the exercise regime and the amount of fat they want to burn in the process.

11. Sinew Nutrition Natural Fat Burner

This fat burner by Sinew Nutrition is prevalent in the Indian market and contains a combination of green tea, green coffee, and Garcinia Cambogia extracts. These elements naturally work on burning your fat, are known to check your appetite, and help manage your weight. It's a good source of antioxidants that will keep your body cells healthy and active. For the dosage, you can refer to the pack or take it as directed by your fitness expert and see a difference in your body fat in a few days.

12. Kaged Muscle Clean Burn

Kaged Muscle supplements are formulated with properly dosed ultra-premium key ingredients that are effective, original, and use no colors or flavors from artificial sources. Clean Burn is a powerful non-stimulant weight loss formula, delivering unparalleled quality and purity.

From supporting healthy blood sugar levels to stimulating thermogenesis, Clean Burn has a splendid approach to weight loss and fat burning simply unmatched. Gym junkies are adding this supplement to their training and supplement stack to help get themselves leaner and more ripped than they have ever possibly thought.

The main ingredients present in the supplement include ChromeMate Chromium, Capsimax Hot Pepper Extract, green tea extract, EGCG from green tea, Carnipure L-Carnitine and are tried and tested in the laboratory by some of the best names out there to bring you an unparalleled fat burning experience.

13. RSP QuadraLean Thermo Fat Burner

RSP was founded to help people achieve their health and fitness goals easily. And they work upon this constantly to partner with you in achieving those goals. Whether you’re a busy professional trying out a new fitness program or a lifelong athlete, RSP knows this can be challenging and are with you in every way possible.

Its mission is to create nutritional products without ever asking you to choose between quality and convenience and make your journey healthy and enjoyable. So that you can beat all your records and get adequate recovery in the best way possible. RSP has many supplement ranges and products, including its best and most talked about fat-burning supplement RSP QuadraLean Thermogenic Fat burner.

QuadraLean Thermogenic was designed using the most effective weight management and best fat-burning ingredients. Their comprehensive lab-tested formula has been developed to target all critical areas of weight loss. These supplements are known to boost metabolism & target stubborn fat with efficacious doses of L-Carnitine & CLA.

Our scientifically researched Thermogenesis Blend supports thermogenesis, featuring Cayenne Pepper Extract. Enjoy a clean, sustained energy boost with natural caffeine and experience increased mental focus through our research-backed blend of ingredients with Alpha-GPC. Combining all these benefits makes QuadraLean Thermogenic a truly complete thermogenic weight management solution.

14. Beverly International 7-Keto MuscLean

Natural athletes and bodybuilders have trusted Beverly International products for many years. The brand was born in southern California in 1967. It has been making high-quality, supplements for its customers for almost 50 years now. 7-Keto MuscLean product of Beverly is a rarity among fat-loss products.

While other brands stand upon the latest “magic bullet formula of fat loss”, their fat burning formula has remained unchanged since 2003. That’s because it continues to support satisfying results for thousands of Beverly clients over time.

Lean Out helps your body transport the fat to tissues where it can be burned off quickly, and 7-Keto MuscLean helps to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat more quickly. Clinically based, its main ingredient, 7-Keto, has been tested in numerous clinical trials and been passed with flying colours for its effects on successful weight loss and almost no side effects in thousands of clients.

15. JYM SS8 Advanced Fat Burner

JYM Supplement company delivers high-quality ingredients in total, efficacious amounts and transparently to its clients. No proprietary blends and no abbreviated or concentrated formulas. The JYM brand exposed all the shady practices done in any fat loss supplement when it launched in 2013, changing the sports nutrition industry.

It formulated SS8 Advanced Fat Burner to go beyond the success of its former original Shred JYM and many other companies making fat-burning supplements that produced amazing fat loss results for countless men and women. Built from the best components of the original formula, SS8 Advanced Fat Burner has been upgraded to include new ingredients that we believe make it the most complete fat loss supplement strategy available with the least side effects to the user's body.

Think of Shred JYM as a basic version and the SS8 Advanced Fat Burner as the new advance and better version of the former.

SS8 Advanced Fat Burner contains the following must-have fat loss ingredients at adequate doses, which may include but not be limited to Time-Released Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Capsicum Extract, Yohimbine, Rauwolscine, and many more essential ingredients to get the best results. The supplement helps manage appetite, regulate carbohydrate metabolism, and may even support a healthy insulin response.

Also, if used in the right amounts and suits the user completely would give marvelous results in relatively less time.


EVL’s mission is to bring its clients the most trusted, safe, and efficient nutritional supplements to achieve their fitness goals. They are built on a passion for nutrition, health, and sport and are constantly committed to evolving their products to ensure the most innovative, highest quality, and most effective nutritional supplements available. At EVL, hard work is the key, and we never stop pushing and setting higher standards to earn your trust by exceeding expectations, helping you achieve new goals and setting new personal records every day, and increasing your confidence by giving you the best results your body needs.

TRANS4ORM is a scientifically-developed multi-stage thermogenic fat-burning energizer and weight loss support supplement that works with your body to burn that stubborn fat and build lean muscle. When reaching your weight loss goals, it is essential to give your body support, faster metabolism, and appetite control. With the energy, focus, and mood you need to perform at your best, all the tools it needs are present here in this supplement.

Uncompromising quality standards backed up by researched ingredients, transparent formulas, and GMP certification, it is an all-in-one package you will need to pursue a fit body. Powerful focus and effective ingredients like Huperzia Serrata Extract support mental focus, Choline Bitartrate to deliver choline (a vital component of neurotransmitters) plus multi-stage thermogenesis, and Alpha GPC to keep mental activity and focus are all you need to call it the best in the business.

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