List of Best Mass Gainers in India for 2022

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Note : Mass Gainers aren't magic pills that boost weight over week or month. Mass Gainer work in parallel to a healthy diet and fitness routine. Mass Gainers are effective only with a fitness routine and healthy diet. MaxAppeal isn't a medical advisor, please take any supplements after consulting your doctor.

Top Mass Gainers in India for 2022 //

India is a country with a population of over 1.3 billion people, so it's no surprise that there is a demand for mass gainers. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, India is the world's second-largest consumer of dietary supplements.

This means that there is a lot of demand for products that help people gain weight quickly and safely. So if one is looking to enter the Indian market to purchase mass gainers which will benefit them , so as to make sure that product we use meets these requirements.

What is mass gainer?

Those who are unable to gain muscle mass or who are unable to gain muscle even after following a diet, would benefit from using a mass gainer. For those who don't know how to fill carb, protein, and fat in their diet, a mass gainer is a high-calorie supplement that provides the correct amount of each. It's a powdered supplement that you can consume to meet your daily needs.

Here are the top mass gainers in India:

1. MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer

The MuscleBlaze weight gainer combines carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. To aid with digestion and absorption of nutrients, it contains five digestive enzymes. It has calories that are derived from clean sources and no added sugars.

One can take it two to three times a day, Depending on your energy needs and workout sessions. Each serving of this mass gainer provides 474kcal with 19.5g of protein that helps one stay active , energetic and gain weight Quickly. Blend it with chilled milk or with water for a delicious chocolate-flavoured drink. This supplement for men and women is available in three different flavours, Mint Choco-Chip Cookie Dough, Vanilla Cream Swirl and Toasted Hazelnut Nougat.

This product comes with a money back guarantee of 30 days so that if there are any side effects on your end you can have the chance to get refunded within this time. It also offered free delivery options.

2. AS-IT-IS mass Gainer – 1kg

AS-IT-IS 100% maltodextrin is used to make Pure Carb, a nutritional supplement., Unadulterated carb, when glucose is quickly consumed, aids in the development of essentialness levels to assist with muscle mass growth and weight gain.

Protein consumption especially during the post-exercise period (anabolic window) assumes a to complete the job in enhancing Both opposition rehearsal and vigorous exercise are positively impacted by physical execution.

To replenish your body's glycogen levels, take one dose every day before or after a workout. It may be combined with water, juice, and protein shakes. Each serving will give 120kcal of energy and 30g of carbohydratesIt's a fact that women outnumber men in the United States. Preservatives, soy, dairy, and yeast are also absent from the product.


  • digested quickly
  • not raise insulin levels
  • perfect Recovery
  • improve endurance
And the only thing that can turn the deal off is that it does not come in different flavours.

3. WN World Nutrition Explode Pro Weight Gainer

With no harmful chemicals, antibiotics, growth hormones, or GMOs, World Nutrition is a popular Indian brand. Whey protein, as well as essential carbs, fats, digestive enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are all imported from the United States.

Since it contains L glutamine, creatine, BCAA, taurine, and other ingredients, this weight gainer may be a great pre- or post-workout beverage. To refuel your batteries. To guarantee lean mass with minimal fat deposition, it uses specialised fats.

The product provides 322kcal of energy, 25g of protein, and 46g of carbohydrates with each serving spoon. Take two servings a day for best results with water,milk or any kind of drink , preferably before or post-workout and before hitting the bed.

This weight gainer is especially for muscle building and will repair, build, and healthily grow your muscle mass. It is not recommended for people allergic to soy ingredients and before taking this they should consult with their doctor. It can also be combined with whey protein.

4. Strava Advance Muscle Mass Weight Gainer

Advanced Muscle Mass Weight Gainer is a 100% vegetarian formula that may be taken by both men and women. Athletes and bodybuilders who want to gain muscle mass fast may also benefit from it. This weight gainer is a mixture of carbs, protein, fat, fibres, and digestive enzymes. It accelerates one's body with 151.8g of carbs and 30.6g of protein along with essential vitamins and minerals with every serving.

One can take it in the morning with the milk or with the water to kick start the day full of energy and get your tasks done. It is a good post-workout drink to restore energy and muscles. In addition, consume it every two to three hours throughout the day, along with a healthy diet to nourish your body. You may increase your calorie intake by combining it with water, milk, or bananas and eggs.

Moreover, you may also add protein powder, nuts and sour cream to it. Its applications cover the important football players during their training time as well as they appreciate this product while doing other daily activities too like running errands or getting through the work day.

5. Endura Mass Weight Gainer

CARBS and PROTEINS are included in the 100% vegetarian product to aid in energy metabolism and muscle repair. For flavour, you may mix it with juice or milk. Banana, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are among the flavours available.

Although it is a core muscle builder. Its bottle is 50g and one serving may be mixed with water or milk to benefit from the carbohydrates that contain easy substations which are absorbed quickly while its PROTEINS provides essential amino acids for quick recovery following intense exercise in an effective manner that supplies proteins.

Three to four weeks, regular intake will produce noticeable weight gain. It is available throughout the day, but not at bedtime. This weight gainer supports normal calorie intake while building muscle mass healthily and naturally.

6. GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

GNC weight gainer is a vegetarian supplement with a high calorie count per serving. Each serving provides 2200 calories, 73 grams of protein, and 440 grams of carbohydrates when combined with toned milk. For a perfect blend, you can mix it with whatever you want. There are three distinct flavours of this weight gain supplement.

This mass gainer supplies micronutrients containing BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) essential in energy conversion and an important ingredient if one is going for serious bodybuilding. It is ideal for athletes and serves as their daily energy drink dose.

The formula's digestive enzymes will help your body digest food more effectively and get more energy throughout the day. For optimum results, you can consume it as either the first meal of the day or as a pre- and post-workout drink.

7. Abbzorb Nutrition Weight Gainer

The Abbzorb weight gaining supplement is a good calorie increasing catalyst for someone who loves to maintain a chiselled body with healthy bulk in body.The carbohydrates and protein are in 6:1 ratio. In one serving It delivers 389kcal of energy with 12g protein and 74g carbohydrates One can take once in a day.

It contains Carbs, dietary fibres, and a combination of 23 nutrients and minerals make up the protein source. The weight gainer ensures that nutrients are absorbed more effectively and that energy is conserved for the rest of the day.

It can be mixed with water, milk, or other beverages. It is available in chocolate and strawberry flavours.

8. Optimum Nutrition Weight Gain Powder

When combined with a healthy diet and regular weight training, Optimum Nutrition can have amazing effects. With its precise nutrition blend, this weight-gaining supplement powder assists one to gain the optimum body weight. Each serving provides 1260 calories, which varies slightly depending on the flavour.

To maximise the calorie intake, blend this powder with other calorie-dense fruits, nuts, and drinks to make a delicious shake.

It can be taken as a post-workout drink or in between the meals to maintain energy levels. Each dish contains 50g protein, 250g carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients. To aid in post-workout recovery and lean muscle development, it contains glutamine, creatine, and glutamic acid.

Therefore, get active and experience in terms of your health.

9. Mypro Sport Nutrition Complex Weight Gainer

Carbs, whey protein, vitamins, minerals, fibres, and rich fats are all included in the complex weight gainer from Mypro. Men, women, athletes, bodybuilders, and anybody who wants to gain healthy body weight should all try it. Each package comprises 514 calories, 10 grams of protein, and 78 grams of carbs. By combining it with bananas, nuts, ice cream, and other foods, you may boost the calorie intake. You may consume it as an energy supplement between meals or after exercise for fast recovery.

10. Nutrimuscle Massive Weight Gainer

Premium quality whey protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are all included in the Nutrimuscle massive weight gainer. It has a quick recovery and absorption capacity and is completely drug-free. To maintain a constant energy supply throughout the day, you may consume four servings. To aid your body in recovery and replenishment, consume it immediately after exercise.

It provides 1370cal, 302g carbohydrates, and 34g protein per single serving. It can be taken twice a day with water or milk. It is available in two tasty flavours. This powder will assist you in gaining weight and building muscle if you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

11. Nakpro Nutrition Gold Weight Gainer

The Nakpro weight gainer is appropriate for all gym-goers, sports fans, and athletes because of its delicious taste. It offers complex carbohydrates, three digestive enzymes, 12 vitamins, and 11 minerals as protein sources. Weight gain, immune system development, and muscle development are all aided by it. You may consume three meals a day, as recommended by your trainer or nutritionist.

The formula supplies energy for complex training and supports healthy metabolism for weight gain by supplying 6:1 ratio carbs and proteins. To spare you from bloated feelings, it contains digestive enzymes. Sugar, preservatives, chemicals, soy, GMOs, and other prohibited ingredients are absent from this weight-gaining powder. It is, however, not advised for lactose-intolerant individuals to eat milk and dairy substitutes.

Finally, it aids in weight gain, muscle development, and maintenance of lean mass. In total, Nakpro Nutrition Gold Weight Gainer supplies 940 kcal which is perfect for an active lifestyle

2 scoops - 12g protein per serving; 6 g carbs 22 grams sugar (vanilla flavour), 1 tablets Calcium Stabiliser Puri-Nate 3000 mg tablet - 300mg Calcium Magnesium.

12. Mass tech Extreme 2000

For mass gainers, MuscleTech Mass Gainer is a one-of-a-kind supplement. Gainer is scientifically proven to measure chest and muscle size, as well as having net calories. Each scoop contains more protein, carbohydrates, and calories.

Unlike other beneficiaries, this benefit also provides 10g of creatine, which is the greatest feature. Creatine supplementation has been scientifically shown to boost strength and stamina. As a result, this beneficiary encompasses everything one would expect from a high-quality mass.

In conclusion, there are many mass gainers available in the market that have different forms, sizes and flavours. But by taking a good amount of protein in your diet for muscle building you need to start with something small and easy yet effective like powder or shake. Having few (not exceed) scoops of Bodybuilder's Best Mass Gainer is a one-time meal consisting among complex all important amino acids, foods, proteins and nutrients which will help great survival during training sessions.

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