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Horlicks Protein Plus Review : Is It Worth Buying ?

With protein+, Horlicks has stridden in the protein supplement market., which is vital for working professionals, particularly for the bodybuilding athletes. Formidable workout boosts the body’s protein injunction and Horlicks has to be consumed to meet that requirement with Protein+. Horlicks Protein Plus offers 33 g of protein per 100 g of the supplement and 16 g per serving.

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This product has been manufactured to enrich the daily nourishment with protein. It uses three distinct protein-rich ingredients to provide a complete source of protein. Horlicks has claimed that this hotchpotch offers a nourished protein furlough for up to 8 hrs after consumption.

In this review, we will put these statements to thorough research and tryouts the product on numerous necessary parameters to find its good worth for the consumers.

Horlicks Protein Plus Ingredients

• Protein 38%
• Casein 1.1%
• Milk solids 5.5%
• Cereal extract 24%
• Cocoa powder
• Minerals
• Wheat Gluten
• Flavours
• Colours
• Vitamins
• Acidity regulators

High-quality protein input and proper workout can maintain your muscle mass. And you’ll be keeping fit and stay fit for a longer period of duration.

Horlicks Protein plus says that it is essential for those at 30years of age. After 30 years of age, people begin to lose muscle. A grown-up can lose 3-8% of muscle mass every year.


Horlicks Protein Plus delivers 33 g of protein per 100 g of the powder. One serving offers you 16 g of proteins, it’s one of the most amazing things about this product is, it consists of a triple blend of whey, soy and casein.

Whey – It is highly bioavailable and quickly acts as a source of protein.

Soy – It is a reliable amount of protein that comes to be active after whey.

Casein- It is a slow releasing milk protein one that is helpful for slow absorption up to 8hrs.

Accordingly, this blend offers you a continuous supply of protein to resist you energetically for a substantial part of the day. Based on this, the product might benefit as well as a daily protein supplement of people.

Horlicks Protein + content – Whey

No 1 protein whey is an all-time favourite milk-based alternative protein that is widely consumed for people from all the ways of life but mainly in athletes and bodybuilders.

In pure layman’s terms, whey is digested much faster in our body. And the bioavailability of whey protein is outstanding. Bioavailability is a number that tells how much our body can wield that food item.

In this review, I shall make it understandable that Horlicks Potein+ comprises purely 38 % Protein contents. Out that 38% protein content, it includes 30% whey protein concentrate.

It means you’ll get 33 g of proteins , out of which only 9.9 g is Whey Protein.

Not profitable for bodybuilding requirement

The triple blend is a little inconvenient for bodybuilders. Firstly, protein content per satisfying is a sheer 16 g. Second, relatively little of this is specifically whey protein concentrate for timely muscle recovery. Maybe soy and casein are not that beneficial for this instantaneous requirement. Horlicks has not been consolidated with BCAA or Glutamine.

Hence, Horlicks Protein Plus does not look like a suitable alternative.


This product might seem like an ideal daily nutritive supplement but since it is sold as an adequate protein, it requires to be reviewed on that front.

Anyone who has even slight knowledge about nutrition would know that Horlicks Protein + is far from being suitable. A protein supplement requires to be high in protein, fibre and less and no sugar. With every 33 % g of protein, you absorb 30 g of sugar. It’s a massive number of people on surveyed diets and absolutely not suitable for Perkins like an athlete, as they solely consume healthy carbs.

We can say Horlicks Protein + offers a certain amount of proteins and enables you to meet the daily requirement of protein but not ideal for the athlete.


It comes in 2 mouth-watering flavours – Vanilla and Chocolate. The product has attained positive reviews with respect to its taste. Consumers have called the taste yummy, tasty, and good.


Horlicks, being a leader, surely comes with an affirmation of good quality. With crisp product packing, labelling, elucidative website and invariably fine testing powder. Horlicks Protein Plus stands firm on excellence.

Side effects

No side effects have been revealed so far for Protein +. No incidences of gastric distress and any other allergic consequences have been revealed.

As it contains milk and soy, so people allergic to these should consume after the medical consultation.


Horlicks Protein+ is obtainable in 200 g and 400 g packs. One serving is nearly 48 g pack and does not offer more than 4 servings. This fetches the cost per serving to approximately Rs 62.5. You get sheer 16 g of protein which is unfortified, not solely whey and combined with sugars for an astounding Rs 62.5 – very costly!

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