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Ultimate Indian Weight Gain Diet to Build Muscles

The food you eat contributes more to the way your lifestyle is. The healthier food you eat the healthiest your lifestyle will be. Not everyone is conscious of what they eat and what not to eat.

Indian cuisine is filled with foods of high nutritional value. India has one of the best cuisines that have a food-based nutritive solution for sorts of health issues.

Indian families have the habit of making foods that are large in quantity as well as not less to the nutrients that the body needs. As a tradition, they like to serve more quantity of food to their families and guests which they consider to be a satisfactory practice.

For cooking, we use several herbs and spices that are packed with medicinal and nutritive values that are extremely good for health.

Now while talking about the Indian diet, the most usual things are about weight gain. People once feel that they have gained more weight, die-hard to do all those things that they can to lose their weight. Nevertheless, some people are trying their best to gain weight which is quite normal these days.

The quantity of food you eat is not the case that matters but what you eat and how often you eat them counts. In this article, I will be sharing with you the Indian weight gain diet plan that most of you are looking for.

Reasons for being underweight 

There are several reasons for being underweight. You must analyze the reasons behind it and try to find out the ways by which you can gain a healthy weight.

Being underweight causes so many problems. It makes you feel less confident most of the time and you will be mentally facing some stressful kind of things which is not at all good for your overall mental and physical health. So make sure that you take the necessary actions to fix this problem as soon as possible.

There are different kinds of reasons for you being underweight. You have to analyze whether you have lost weight drastically or you are unable to gain weight regardless of what modifications you make in your daily diet. Firstly know what you are undergoing and then plan your diet or in the worst scenarios try consulting a doctor.

The following are some of the reasons for you being underweight.

Eating Disorders 

People who do not gain weight so easily or lose weight drastically will be undergoing one or more of the following disorders like food phobia, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating, body image disorder, etc.

Anorexia is the fear of gaining weight if people eat without any control. This causes them to eat less. On the other hand, bulimia is the case where people eat too much food without any restraint and then after some time vomit all of them out.

Phobia is a disorder where people resist eating many foods without any proper reason and body image disorder will give you an erratic image about how you look and this makes you work out too often and also excessively.


Heredity can also be a major reason for underweight problems. The impact of your genetic inheritance can be the major cause for you not being able to gain weight regardless of all the consistent methods which you have followed so far.


Being mentally stressed or being depressed can also cause these kinds of issues. Anything which you do externally like proper diet and weight gain workouts will have no impact on your body if you are not mentally healthy.

Enzyme deficiencies 

There are plenty of enzymes in the body that ensure the proper functioning of the body. A deficiency in any of the vital enzymes may cause intense health issues.

The same applies to not being able to gain weight too.  Sometimes the inner wall of your stomach does not secrete ample digestive enzymes. This does not allow proper flow of digestion and this results in staving off the body cells from absorbing essential nutrients. This results in losing your body weight.


If you suffer from tuberculosis then the chances your weight will go down drastically are relatively high. This deficiency will slow down the mechanism of your body thus prohibiting the weight gain process.

Lack of essential nutrients

Despite all other things that lack essential nutrients, that your body needs must be eaten properly at the required quantities at the proper time. To gain the desired weight you must eat some of the essential nutrients that are required by the body.

Among those important nutrients proteins, fat, and carbohydrates take the most prominent place. Lack of these nutrients may act as a barrier to effective weight gain.

Type 1 diabetes 

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the body obliterates the cells in the pancreas which are responsible for insulin production. As insulin is responsible for the production of glucose and in this case when that mechanism gets interrupted or broken it causes a high level of glucose which is excreted in the urine. This excess release of glucose as a waste material can lead to unexpected weight loss.

Indian weight gain diet 

There is nothing impossible that you cant do. Even though you are confronting many issues with your body to gain weight still, you can make it happen by concentrating more on your diet.

Indian diet is packed with high nutritional supplements that are more than enough to assist you in the weight gain journey. Following are simple but effective Indian weight gain diets that you must follow regularly to reap the desired results.

Early morning snack (Before breakfast)  (5:a.m to 6:a.m)

  • 1 cup tea or cappuccino with full-fat milk and sugar, two ripen bananas, 5 to 10 overnight soaked almonds without the peel. A glass of milk with the skimmed milk powder, whites of two eggs, 6 to 8 overnight soaked almonds with or without the peel.
  • Half a cup of Dalia (without sugar) preferably, a handful of sprouted green grams or black grams, 6 to 10 overnight soaked almonds with the peel.

Breakfast (8:a.m to 9:a.m)

  • Two multigrain bread with low-fat butter and an omelet (egg whites preferably).
  • A bowl of cornflakes or porridge or oats with milk and dried fruits.
  • Wheat upma or poha or Dalia kichadi with lots of greens and vegetables.
  • Stuffed vegetables or paneer paratha with butter or cottage cheese or sprouts.
  • Two chapatis with sprouts salad or with a cup of boiled vegetables and greens.
  • Fresh fruit juices with pulp or whole fruits with a glass of milk.
  • Two masala dosa, two cups of sambar with lots of vegetables, and some chutney.

Mid-morning snacks (10:a.m to 11:a.m)

  • One fresh whole seasonal fruit, with a cup of buttermilk or lassi or coconut water.
  • A glass of fresh fruit and buttermilk and a bowl of salad and two boiled potatoes or eggs.
  • One glass of full-fat milk with some health drink powder to it.
  • A cup of green tea or green matcha coffee with whole fresh fruit and 2 to 3 multigrain biscuits.
  • A glass of lassi with some mixed roasted nuts or dried fruits or sprouts.

Lunch (12.30:p.m to 1.30:p.m)

  • A small cup of rice with mixed vegetable curry or two chapatis.
  • Three pieces of chicken breast or a piece of fish or tofu or paneer or cottage cheese or boiled eggs and fruits salad.
  • One small bowl of pulao or biryani (preferably nonveg) or a cup of egg or paneer or a bowl of mixed vegetables or a small cup of mixed sprouts salad.
  • One small bowl of brown rice or two multigrain chapatis and one bowl of chicken soup, and a cup of vegetable salad.

Afternoon or evening snack (4.30:p.m to 5.30:p.m)

  • One glass banana, strawberry, blueberry, mango, or any other fruit shakes with full-fat milk and two biscuits.
  • One a cup of tea or coffee and four cookies.
  • One cup of green tea or green matcha coffee with a bowl of sprout salad or mixed fruits salad or boiled green and vegetables.
  • One whole fresh seasonal fruit with a handful of nuts and dried fruits.

For dinner (8.30:p.m to 9.30:p.m)

  • Three chapatis with ghee or butter, one small bowl of legumes, dal, or lentils (chana, peas, moong, masoor, or soybean), a piece of chicken breast, or fish with a bowl of curd, or another dessert.
  • One small bowl of brown rice or three multigrain chapatis with stir-fried vegetables or baked potato with a piece of chicken or fish with brown rice.

Late night snack (10.30:p.m to 11.30:p.m)

  • A glass is full of raw milk with organic honey or a pinch of turmeric added to it.
  • A handful of mixed nuts and dried fruits.
  • One cup of skimmed milk with nuts.
  • Half a glass of skimmed milk with two spoons of whey protein.

This is the easiest and best Indian weight gain diet plan to increase your overall body weight with healthy and nutritious Indian foods that are readily available at your home.

Be consistent in following this diet and until you get the desired results do not even think of taking a break and having cheat meals. This might disturb the overall diet and sometimes all the efforts you had put in will vanish if you tend to do so.

Tips for fast and easy weight gain 

Apart from the above diet plan, you must also have to focus on some of the healthiest tips for the fastest weight gain. Along with your daily diet, you can also try to incorporate these simple tips to get benefitted from it.

Eat six meals a day

You must eat at least six times a day. By eating frequently you  get the essential nutrients you need for effective weight gain. Instead of having 3 big meals a day, you can split your three big meals into six portions of the meal that is three main meals and three other meals per day. Your main three meals must include a heavy diet and if not also it should be loaded with all the vital nutrients.

Add more calories 

Adding more calories will lift the overall efforts you put in to retain a proper and healthy diet. Have a check on what you eat and how many calories it contains. Add high-calorie foods into your daily diet.

The high-calorie foods include cereals, bread, pulses, rice, olive oil, dry fruits, nuts, banana, avocados, vegetables, a healthy portion of red meat, and full-fat dairy products, etc.

Eat healthy fats 

You often need some healthy fat supplements to fulfill your daily diet plan. This can be accomplished by eating foods that are rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. For these healthy fats, you can opt for foods like polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats from salmon fish, olive oil, flaxseed oil, avocado oil, seeds, nuts, leafy vegetables, and so on.

Work out regularly 

Having a healthy diet and following all the regimes of a proper weight gain guide is not just the thing. There is also another significant part of the weight gain process that you must not neglect. That is working out regularly.

Workouts are not only meant for losing weight or being fit, but it also includes various workouts for healthy weight gain too. Strength training can help you build up muscle mass easily.

Being underweight and unable to gain the desired weight to look good and also to feel good is not at all an issue unless you force yourselves to accept that it is. Do not focus on your problem every second instead try finding out solutions to fix the problem.

There is nothing impossible. If you want to gain weight then you can do it. All you need to do is be determined and focused and also work hard to reap what you need.

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